6 Tips For Making Friends At Your Apartment Community

When you live in incredible student housing near UMN, it’s not difficult to meet friendly neighbors and to turn those neighbors into lifelong friends. Having access to several 24-hour resort-style, community amenities means that residents are likely to run into their neighbors over and over again. You already know that being friendly toward your neighbors is important, but why not take that one step further and become friends? With the tips below, any resident can go from being a friendly acquaintance to a close friend. Contact us today so we can help you find the student apartment of your dreams!

Be Courteous To Neighbors

It’s easy to develop a relationship with someone who lives right next door. The trick is starting things off on the right foot. Saying hello, waving, and even asking about their day ensures that people see you as someone who is kind and polite. That way, people around the neighborhood already have a good impression of you and are more likely to be receptive to becoming friends.

Make Conversations Last Longer

Don’t just stick to small talk — creating a deeper connection is simple. Talking about pop culture, your pets, or anything that you might have in common instantly creates an emotional link between you and your neighbor. There’s no need to limit any budding friendships to the same building — make use of the many amenities at our Minneapolis rentals community to meet people with all sorts of interests. It won’t be difficult to find a gym buddy or someone to relax and play video games with, depending on where you prefer to hang out.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out

When you want to hang out with a neighbor, there’s nothing wrong with just asking! Whether you decide to use one of the readily available community amenities to spend time with them or you choose to go to one of the many restaurants in the city, asking a neighbor to hang out doesn’t have to be intimidating. Once a relationship has been established, it’s time to ask when they might be available. Since you’re probably already somewhat familiar with your neighbor’s routine, it’s not a stretch to make plans that work for everyone.

Do Things For Others

If a neighbor is going to go away for holidays but you’re staying, it might be nice to offer to do a few things for them. These could depend on how close you are, but if your neighbor needs someone to feed their cat, water their plants, and check their mail for a few days, offering to do so will naturally lead to a closer relationship.

Host A Get-Together

There’s plenty of room to entertain at your UMN off campus apartment. Choosing to reside off campus comes with a lot of perks, including a large living room in which to host small parties and game nights. Resist the temptation to throw a party too early because it’s important to meet people and establish a relationship with your neighbors first, but make sure to invite the people who live right next door — neighbors are less likely to complain about noise if they are having fun as well.

Start At Home

Perhaps the easiest way to make friends in your apartment community is to start with the people who already share the same space — your roommates! Since student apartments near the University of Minnesota are often a communal living space, becoming friends with the people you live with should be first on your list. Living with a friend is a lot more fun than living with an acquaintance.