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There’s perhaps a no better time to meet the neighbors than when living in student housing. The Quad on Delaware, for example, allows students, from a multitude of backgrounds and shared interests, to live, study, and play together within a community that promotes academic success and social living. For those still hesitant to knock on their neighbor’s door, here are nine reasons why living in UMN housing is always better when acquainted with the neighbors.

Peaceful Living

Friendly neighbors are more likely to be considerate and respectful of each other. Imagine waking up to loud music from upstairs. Instead of hunting down the party host or waiting for the authorities to show up, a quick call to the neighbor could help resolve the issue. Residents who have a friendly relationship with their neighbors have someone to rely on in a pinch.

Safer Environment

While most University of Minnesota housing is designed from the ground up with student safety in mind, befriending the neighbors can help foster a safe community. Well-acquainted neighbors are generally more compelled to look out for each other and keep an eye on the other’s apartment when they’re on vacation. When a crime is committed that concerns your property, your neighbors are more likely to report it to the authorities.

Back-Up Equipment & Supplies

Missing the last ingredient for a late-night dinner recipe? Borrow an egg or mixer from the friendly next-door neighbor instead of wasting time at the store. and don’t forget to return the favor! Remember to be polite when asking for an ingredient, treat borrowed equipment with care, and return everything back to the owner promptly after you’re done.


Neighbors can recommend services and products that residents might need. Whether it’s a good referral for a psychiatrist in town, an affordable math tutor or a good ethics professor, neighbors are often the best source of information — especially if they’re a Minneapolis local. They could also have more experience living in town and may have good recommendations for diners, convenience stores, and entertainment — all conveniently located close to our apartments near UMN.

Vacation Help

Far too often, residents cancel vacation plans due to pressing responsibilities at home, such as pet care, package receiving, and household plants. Who better to help than the neighbor? They’re right next door, so it’s easier for them to take care of your pets, plants, and the mail — much more convenient than trusting friends who are far away.


College is the perfect time for networking. With access to so many resources, facilities, and professionals, UMN students have several opportunities to develop valuable interpersonal skills while growing their professional network. Sometimes, the most useful connections often come from surprising sources, such as neighbors, who could make a difference when it comes to a future job opportunity.

Emergency Assistance

Because of their close proximity, neighbors can help in case of an emergency. No one likes to think about experiencing an accident but having the neighbor’s number handy when suffering from a twisted ankle or severe cut can make all the difference in terms of getting urgent care or a ride to the emergency room.

Larger Group Of Friends

The transition to college life can be daunting — don’t do it alone.  Unlike school, work, and family friends, neighbors are always around and approachable in times of need. Playing, studying, and enjoying our resort-style community amenities is also better when alongside friends. Challenge your neighbors to ping pong or shuffleboard matches or work out together in our state-of-the-art fitness center.


Learning outside the classroom should be as paramount for students as acing a test. Growing their social circle to include their neighbors gives students more opportunities to learn about different cultures, lifestyles, interests, and places. Minneapolis is a diverse metropolis where students of all backgrounds reside in UMN housing. College is all about expanding your horizons so learn all you can from your neighbors!