4 Apartment-Safety Tips For Going On Vacation

Whether you’re going home for the holidays, hitting the beach with a few friends, or traveling on your own, it’s important to ensure your home is secure before leaving. If you are not already enjoying the benefits of living in UMN off campus housing with ample security features, then be proactive by following these simple apartment-safety tips from The Quad On Delaware for going on vacation. Contact us today to schedule a tour and to learn more about our commitment to student safety.

Notify The Leasing Office

If you are going away for a long time, make sure to let the leasing office know of your vacation plans before you go. They might be able to hold delivered packages and reschedule maintenance appointments. Also, make arrangements to pay your monthly housing contract by scheduling automatic payments or paying early. Doing so can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises or unexpected fees when you return home.

Check All Taps

Before you leave home, make sure to check that all the taps in the house are off and none of the faucets are running. It’s also important not to leave the dishwasher running or the sink dripping because this could increase your water bill and even damage your apartment’s plumbing. Let maintenance know right away if you have any issues, so they can address them before you go on vacation.

Unplug Small Electronics

If no one will be home for a while, unplug everything you can from the wall. Doing so can help you cut down on your electricity usage and even save your electronics in the event of a power surge. Check the kitchen for smaller appliances — such as your blender, toaster, and microwave — and your bedroom and bathroom for things like your electric toothbrush, hair straightener, and night lights. Unplug any wired alarm clocks and disable any wireless ones as well.

Take Out The Trash

There is nothing worse than returning to a dirty and smelly apartment right after vacation — so make sure to take out the trash before you go. Any perishable food, in particular, will rot inside your trash can, making it a perfect hangout spot for fruit flies or other kinds of bugs — yuck! Even if you are lucky and don’t have any problems with pests, food left outside the fridge will smell putrid by the time you return home, so store things properly, bring it with you, donate it, or throw it out before leaving.