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Easy & Removable Ways To Soundproof Your Apartment

There are numerous benefits to living in off campus housing near UMN — a convenient location both close to campus and nearby a wide range of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment and exclusive, resort-style amenities. What’s more, the open-layout, spacious floor plans are ready for personalization and a range of fun activities. But when sharing space with other residents — whether in the same apartment or next door — it’s important to exercise resident etiquette. Keeping the volume to a minimum is among the best ways to ensure a comfortable living community in which all residents can thrive. With that in mind, The Quad On Delaware offers the following easy and removable ways for soundproofing apartment walls. For more tips on soundproofing or to schedule an apartment tour, contact us today.

Hang Soundproof Curtains

Curtains made from thick fabrics are a great choice for covering windows, doors, and walls in UMN housing. Whereas regular curtains dull outdoor light, soundproof curtains are both denser and heavier than regular curtains, and can both block-out the sunshine while minimizing escaped sound. If you don’t have many windows, consider installing a woven wall hanging or a tapestry to help dampen sound (pro tip: floor-to-ceiling fabrics made from thick, soft materials are ideal for soundproofing).

Install Acoustic Foam

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or you make regular use of your record collection, installing acoustic foam panels is both an easy and temporary way to help keep noise out of your neighbors’ ears. Acoustic foam prevents sound from hitting the walls and ceilings by instead absorbing it. These panels can also help prevent echoing and distortion due to sound bouncing off of natural barriers. What’s more, these panels come in numerous colors and textures, so you can reduce noise while keeping in-balance your apartment aesthetic.

Muffle Noise With A Bookshelf

A tall stack of textbooks can do more than provide tools for reaching academic success —  it can likewise help reduce noise between shared walls with neighbors. To maximize your efforts and to properly reduce noise through walls, ensure that every space is filled with reading materials (the larger the bookshelf, the better the sound-absorption). For an added benefit, try organizing the books based on how often you need them, pairing the order with your class schedule, or even coordinating books based on your preferred color palette.

Lay Down Some Rugs

Rugs are ideal for reducing noise in UMN apartments — even if the noise is your own. A large, high-pile rug can do wonders for limiting echoes and preventing sound from bouncing off of the floors. If you require a greater degree of noise-reduction, try layering rugs to soundproof your apartment. When layering rugs, vary their texture for maximum sound absorption. If you prefer a single, non-layered rug, consider buying a thick rug pad — slipping a dense rug pad underneath will boost the rug’s noise-squashing potential and add some texture to your furnishings.

Rearrange The Furniture

The key to soundproofing your apartment might be as simple as rearranging the furniture. Repositioning the location of your TV or sound system can make all of the difference with regard to noise control. If noise from next door is keeping you from sleeping, rearrange your bedroom so that the bed is far from the offending wall. If you plan on hosting a gathering to watch the premiere of a new show, consider moving your TV and speakers to walls that are not shared with neighbors. Contact us for more tips or to tour our UMN off campus apartments.