Tips For Living With Your Friends

Living with friends can be a great opportunity. You save money by having roommates, get to see the people you like most every day, and can skip rooming with strangers. However, because living with someone can show you a completely different side of them, such as leaving dishes in the sink for days on end, there may be some wrinkles that need to be ironed out if you want to maintain your friendship.

To help keep the harmony in your home and friendship, The Quad On Delaware would like to offer you some tips for living with friends in UMN off campus housing.

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Friends Hanging Out

Communication Is Key

Have an honest discussion with your friend(s) before moving in together. Being upfront about expectations can avoid future drama. Be sure to address common roommate issues such as chores, food and cooking, schedules, having guests, and more. Check out our list of questions to ask a potential roommate for more information. Even if everything seems copacetic initially, remember to address any issues that may arise once you’re living together. Promptly discussing misunderstandings or concerns will keep them from becoming larger arguments later.

Discuss Housing Priorities

Knowing what each person expects from their housing situation is also essential. Consider the different types of floor plans that are available and whether you’re okay sharing a bathroom or if you want a private bathroom. Also, consider what kind of amenities are important to both of you. Beyond recreation, this can include security features, conveniences such as dishwashers, and added perks such as tanning beds. Picking the right UMN apartments can set the stage for a successful living situation.

Set Boundaries

As part of communicating, setting boundaries keeps everyone on the same page. It’s important to not be controlling or unreasonable with your requests, but you should be able to settle on solutions for shared spaces such as the living room, kitchen, and quiet hours. Also, realize that you aren’t required to spend every free moment with each other. Sometimes you’ll want to spend time alone or with other friends, and it’s important to communicate that to so no one feels unduly left out.

Decide How Chores Will Get Done

Maybe one of you is a neat freak, and the other is lax when it comes to housekeeping. While this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, there will have to be compromises. You should set common chores and how often they should be done and by whom, including sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. You can rotate who does what or divide them based on choice. Also, talk about what is and isn’t okay, such as leaving laundry in the dryer or leaving used dishes on tables.

Make A Resolution Gameplan

To effectively manage issues when they first come up, it’s crucial to know how you will solve them in advance. While you may not see the future, you can lay down the foundation for resolving common issues. Agreeing upon a safe space to vent frustrations and coming up with solutions is a must. While it may be difficult to disagree with a friend, settling on compromises can strengthen your friendship and make cohabitation better.

While you may have to overcome some hurdles, living with friends can be an enjoyable way to experience university life together.