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Tips To Avoid Setting Your Apartment On Fire

As air filled with frost and chill returns to Minneapolis, it might be tempting to crank up the heat, light some candles, and get cozy in your UMN apartment. Cold weather makes staying warm and toasty a basic human necessity, but The Quad On Delaware recommends exercising caution while heating your living space. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), heating and heat-related equipment is among the most prevalent causes of residential fires throughout the United States. Residents of off campus housing near University of Minnesota should consider the following tips regarding the leading causes of apartment fires and the best ways to prevent a potential life-threatening emergency.

Stay In The Kitchen While Cooking

Our apartments near University of Minnesota are designed for convenient living with features that accommodate students’ needs and wants — among the available apartment amenities and apartment furnishings is spacious kitchens with full-size appliances for cooking, baking, and other culinary adventures. But before you cook a hearty feast, be mindful about fire-safety. Avoid cooking if you think you might fall asleep while waiting for your meal to cook and be sure to keep flammable items, such as oven mitts and food packaging, away from the oven and stove. To help keep your mind on your meal, use a timer to indicate when cooking is completed.

Don’t Forget About The Candles

Another leading cause of fire-related incidents in UMN housing regards candles. While they are not the most effective type of heating source, candles are great for setting a calm and soothing atmosphere, and can come in handy should the power go out. However, when left unattended, lit candles can set your apartment ablaze in a matter of seconds. Be sure to blow out candles before going to sleep or any time you leave your apartment; keep candle flames away from other objects — particularly flammable items; and avoid placing candles too close to an edge to prevent the candle from tipping over.

Handle Space Heaters Cautiously

Heating-mechanism malfunctions, such as portable space heaters, are among the leading causes of fire-related home emergencies during the winter. While these small appliances can quickly heat up a UMN off campus apartment, so too do they pose a risk of starting a fire. While using a portable space heater, remember to keep anything that can either melt or burn at least three feet from the heater and to never leave the heater running all day or night — including when you go to sleep. Make sure to follow the space heater’s directions in order to ensure proper operation and to reduce the likelihood of a fire.

Store Flammable Items Properly

Flammable or combustible household products are among the leading causes of home fires. Certain types of household cleaners and cosmetic products can be the fuel to a catastrophic apartment fire. This makes proper use and storage of these liquids key to basic fire safety. In order to keep your apartment fire-free, be sure to keep shaving cream, cleaning products, nail polish, rubbing alcohol, aerosol cans, and any other types of flammable products far away from heat sources and, instead, designate a cool, dark, and safe space in which to store each item.

Keep The Fire Extinguisher Handy

Should a fire occur in your apartment, it’s important that you know what to do. Taking proactive measures to prevent setting your living space ablaze includes knowing the exact location of the fire extinguisher. A beneficial storage place for the fire extinguisher is in high-risk areas, such as the kitchen. Review instructions on the fire extinguisher to ensure you know how to properly use it in the event that a fire occurs. Have more questions about student housing near UMN? Contact The Quad On Delaware today!