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Keep Your Landlord & Dog On Good Terms

June 26, 2020

Dogs, they’re humankind’s best friends; however, frequent misbehavior can cause them to become a landlord’s worst nightmare. Problems such as incessant barking, scratched up floors,…

4 Apartment-Safety Tips For Going On Vacation

May 22, 2020

Whether you’re going home for the holidays, hitting the beach with a few friends, or traveling on your own, it’s important to ensure your home…

Spring Cleaning In Just One Day

April 16, 2020

The spring season is a time for renewal — perfect for shaking up the dust and giving your home a top-to-bottom cleaning. But sometimes, dedicating…

10 Questions To Ask A Potential Roommate

March 20, 2020

While deciding on student apartments near UMN is a no-brainer once you visit The Quad on Delaware, choosing a roommate might take more time. A…

6 Tips For Making Friends At Your Apartment Community

March 10, 2020

When you live in incredible student housing near UMN, it’s not difficult to meet friendly neighbors and to turn those neighbors into lifelong friends. Having…